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Guide for  applicants  doc

D1) Work plan description : According to the template available. doc Yes
D2) Nationality : Spanish Proof of citizenship or a member country of the European Union residing in Spain. Nationals of non-EU countries must prove residency status. No Yes
D3) Academic qualifications : Proof of being in possession of a doctoral degree (by the postdoctoral researcher proposed) in the terms set out in the Call. No Yes
D4) Curriculum Vitae : Curriculum vitae of the applicant. Use of the template available is mandatory. doc Yes
D5) Academic Certification : Detailed and comprehensive official certification of  academic studies (undergraduate engineering degree or equivalent).It should provide details on the subject, scores, dates and the final score. No Yes
D6)Statement of the doctor responsible at the overseas destination center : It shouls state commitment to lead the research project proposed by the postdoctoral applicant for the whole period of stay and confirm he will provide the necessary support and facilitate the use of tools and equipment necessary to carry out the project. No Yes
D7) History of scientific and technical research group receptor. Use of the template is compulsory. doc Yes
D8) Declaration by the sponsor dortor researcher in Spain to endorse the application. Suitability of the candidate and the the foreign hosting group to carry out the proposed project. No Yes
D9)Exceptions : Staff postdoctoral researchers affected by any of the exceptions reflected in paragraph 3 of the Call must submit written proof of such circumstances. No No*
D10) Ethical Principles : Statement issued by the doctor responsible at the hosting group in accordance with the ethical principles of the 7th Framework Programme. Use of the template is mandatory. doc Yes
D11) Application Form: To be complited and registered altogether with the Application-Receipt produced after all documents are duly uploaded and submitted.
doc Yes

*Depending on the candidate’s personal circumstances.