¿Can I apply for a shorter stay?

Under current legislation in Spain (Law on the Science) the shortest contract that can be offered to any postdoc researcher must be one year.

¿Who can be applicant?

Under strand A (Outgoing scheme) the postdoc researcher is the applicant and future beneficiary.
Under Strand B (Incoming scheme) the Research Center is the beneficiary although the documents would normally be uploaded by the postdoc.

Do I need a Report from the Ethics Committee?

If the answer to any item is “YES”, a favorable report must be included together with the declaration. The Ethics committee at the Research Center must issue it. You should bind both documents to the same pdf file before uploading it.

I have not become a doctor yet, what document should I provide?

You are entitled to apply as long as you can provide proof that you have already registered the doctoral Thesis in your University. Do please upload a document stating so. Remember you have 40 days to defend your thesis and send us the corresponding document.